unexpected guests

New York based Landscape Architect, James Corner, has been invited to work with Fritz Haeg at this years Liverpool Biennial. Their work is part of the Unexpected Guest programme and it sets out 100 propositions for Everton Park [1] in the north of the city. The Unexpected Guest is a programme of public installations and artworks at the Liverpool Biennial this year. The theme explores hospitality extended to strangers: ‘In a globalising world, increasing mobility and interdependence are changing the rules of hospitality. There are different ‘cultures of hospitality’ often increasingly co-existent in the same place.’ [2]

Corner, who once worked in the north-west of England said of the project: “I agreed to do this project because Liverpool is cool.”

[1] http://liverpoolbiennial.co.uk/whatson/current/all/590/everton-park-a-park-for-the-people-2012/

[2] http://liverpoolbiennial.co.uk/programmes/festivals/programmes/4/2012/42/the-unexpected-guest/

[3] http://www.liverpooldailypost.co.uk/liverpool-news/regional-news/2012/06/27/regeneration-expert-james-corner-hoping-to-turn-everton-park-into-liverpool-s-answer-to-gaudi-s-guell-in-barcelona-99623-31269337/#ixzz28da4028q


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