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governors island – ongoing design



On Wednesday last week we were given a tour of Governors Island by Ellen Cavanagh, the Director of Planning for the Governors Island Trust. We had the opportunity to see the ongoing works by West 8 and discuss the issues of design and planning in this unique New York location. Thanks to Ellen and her team for making us so welcome.


beyond spatial relations

The Liverpool New York collaboration is an investigation into the relations between Liverpool, in North-West England, and New York City on the East Coast of the United States. These cities, and the relations between them, are the focus of research that will culminate in design proposals that may interrogate, expose and build on their potential. Design solutions, in the form of installations, spaces, processes, structures, neighbourhoods and cities, will be presented. These proposals will be predominantly spatial, however, the relations between Liverpool and New York City go beyond spatial forms; these relationships are bound up with urban contexts of trade, migration, culture and ecology as well as global contexts of production, geography and economics. The two questions that the Liverpool New York collaboration asks are:

What are the unique conditions and relations between these great cities?

How can the potential of these conditions and relations be transformed into  site specific design proposals?